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Vabalaud.ee TOP 10 Estonian restaurants of 2019

Whether you’re looking for a social lunch with friends or an intimate dinner at a high-end restaurant, there’s something for everyone in Estonia.

Here are ten of the best restaurants to visit now or in the new year.

1: Rae Meierei (Dunkri 5, Tallinn)

With European cuisine that ranges from the most delicate fish to the richest steaks, Rae Meierei is a place to visit when you want modern elegance with inspiration from throughout the continent. Enjoy exquisite meals for any palate. 

2: Leib Resto (Uus 31, Tallinn)

Leib Resto is dedicated to natural Estonian produce, with artisan chefs creating meals that are simple, elegant, and intensely flavorful. A favorite of locals and a refreshing surprise for visitors to Estonia.

3: Argentiina (Pärnu Mnt 37, Tallinn)

The bold flavors of Argentina can be enjoyed right here in the heart of Tallinn. Enjoy traditional Asado with international meats grilled in full view of all guests. The atmosphere here is like nothing else in Europe. 

4: Estonia Restaurant (Estonia pst 4, Tallinn)

Bearing the name Estonia, it shouldn’t surprise you that this is one of the best places to enjoy traditional Estonian cuisine. This restaurant carries the heritage of the Estonian National Opera and is set in the old theatre house. It’s a must visit for anyone in Tallinn.

5: Platz Restaurant (Roseni 7, Tallinn)

Platz is a modern European restaurant set in the centre of Tallinn. Raw seasonal goods inspire the menu throughout the year. Simple, delicious, and perfect for an evening out.

6: Olde Hansa (Vana turg 1, Tallinn)

Olde Hansa has a traditional atmosphere that honors the Hanseatic League and the forebearers of European culture. Medieval music and period-inspired food make this a unique experience for both locals and visitors.

7: The Able Butcher (Fr.R. Kreutzwaldi 23, Tallinn)

The Able Butcher is in the heart of Tallinn, and it’s fast becoming Estonia’s most renowned steak house. The modern décor is comfortable and stylish, but the real focus here is on the food. Meat cuts are sourced from around the world, making this a steak lover’s dream. Perfect for groups or intimate dining.

8: Peppersack Restaurant (Viru 2, Tallinn)

Peppersack is one of the most popular restaurants within Tallinn's Old Town. European cuisine takes inspiration from all corners of the content. This is a large restaurant suitable for everything from romantic evenings to group meals.

9: Cru Restaurant (Viru 8, Tallinn)

International cuisine is served in a beautiful setting nestled within Tallinn’s Old Town. Cru Restaurant reflects the historic surroundings with classic and modern dishes ready to order.

10: Cafe-Resto JOP (Lutsu 3, Tartu)

Nowhere is Estonia’s multicultural flair more evident than at Kohvik Resto JOP, where Scandinavian cuisine comes to Old Town Tartu. Highly rated for its atmosphere, food, and service. 

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META: Discover the ten best restaurants to visit in Estonia. Enjoy local and internationally inspired cuisine. Make a reservation online and explore Estonia today.


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