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5 new Estonian restaurants you have to visit

As of March 2020, the world was no longer quite that. Hopefully we got over it together and now several new restaurants have joined  vabalaud.ee  webpage. Here we bring you restaurants that have just joined us :) 1.  Kaspervik In the village of Käsmu there is a cozy restaurant Kaspervik with delicious dishes. Chef Kaarel Kiivit makes sure that the food on offer is made from as many domestic ingredients as possible, always fresh, offering new and interesting taste experiences, as well as the good joy of recognizing the old. We smoke fish and meat ourselves, make lemonades, liqueurs and store them in autumn. Everything we can, we do ourselves and with joy! Among other things, we give you the opportunity to take it all home with you! The large retro hall can host events for up to 250 people. When the weather is warm, you can enjoy good food and company both on the summer terrace and on the seashore, which offers a fascinating view of the waves of Käsmu Bay. 2.  Prangli Island Resto The is