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Tallinn Restaurants to visit in Old Town

The culture of Estonia and Tallinn itself is a sight to behold, no doubt, but perhaps the one thing even more amazing than the sights are the plethora of amazing restaurants that capture that culture with pinpoint accuracy. We can’t name every single restaurant in the area, but we can point out a few of the best, and they all allow for online reservations.   Cru Cru is headed by Dmitri Haljukov, who represented Estonia in the 2015 Olympics. He may not have won the entire thing, but 14 th place is nothing to turn your nose up at with such fierce and diverse competition. The restaurant offers an outstanding modern atmosphere and fine dining that is difficult to match. Some of the best menu items that Cru has to offer include Islandic Squid and Shrimp, Greenland Halibut, and a selection of Champagne which includes Ernest Rapenau Brut. Website: https://www.vabalaud.ee/en/restaurant/cru/ Farm Farm locks in the bourgeois period quite nicely and provides a taste o