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12 Restaurants to Visit this Winter in Estonia

A visit to Estonia this winter will give you some great stories, but one of the most important parts, is the food. After all, why would you visit a foreign country if you weren’t going to at least sample the food and see how it differs from your own local cuisine? We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of 12 restaurants that you absolutely need to visit while you’re in the country, some of which are highly unique. Vabalaud.ee is the unique Estonian web environment providing the restaurant booking services. Our homepage is available in four languages (Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish) and our list of restaurants currently include more than 100 eating places located around Estonia. Asian Chef  (Tartu) Estonia is home to some of the most amazing restaurants in the geographical location, and Asian Chef is located right in the center of Tertu. The chefs are natives of India and Nepal, both well versed in the preparation of Asian food. Not only will they be able to p