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11 winter/Christmas ideas for Restaurant to Visit in Tallinn

Are you planning to visit Tallinn this winter? Sightseeing, socializing, and grabbing pictures for social media is great, but if you’re going to spend an extended period of time there, then eating is essential. Check out these 13 one-shot restaurants and start planning your trip. 
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Vabalaud.ee homepage is available in four languages (Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish) and our list of restaurants currently include more than 100 eating places located around Estonia.


Kuldmokk is a restaurant proud to present an incredible and extensive menu complete with appetizers, a wide selection of main dishes, and an ingredient list that is bound to meet the needs of any appetite. No matter what you order, it’s going to be delicious, and you’re going to remember it long after you go home whether you’re a tourist or a local. Tourists who do drop by always cite the menu variety, which is known for being able to meet virtually every different taste or need.
The restaurant was established by two friends who recognized and truly understood the lack of culinary excellence in the area and filled the gap with a menu that met every single need, including vegan options to ensure all customers were satisfied. Kuldmokk’s menu can be found online, and it’s one stop you’re going to want to make next time you’re in the area.

Enoteca Lucca - Restaurant & Wine shop

Enoteca Lucca challenges convention by treating its guests to a complete open kitchen, allowing them to observe the cooking process and employing the best employees who guarantee an outstanding and friendly interaction with guests from all over the world. The menu, presented by Chef Ahmet Tiryaki is constantly changing and features influences from Middle Eastern cuisines for a beautiful, well rounded gastronomical experience.
The menu is accompanied by an amazing dining area which features an art gallery complete with works of Estonian modern art pieces, all for sale. Imagine going out to eat and taking a modern art masterpiece home with you!
The wine selection at Enoteca Lucca is second to none with every single vintage imported from small producers in Spain, Austria, Portugal, and France. Only a small handful of wineries meet our rigorous standards, guaranteeing your satisfaction each and every time you come to our location and choose a wine pairing. Stop by and enjoy a diverse menu, outstanding wine pairings, and an amazing atmosphere.


For the last twenty years the Argentine restaurant has been pushing the boundaries and enticing the senses of meat lovers as a true barbecue paradise. The Argentine kitchen is famous for throwing the most amazing barbecue events the area has ever known, with the oven manned by Konstant Kisseliov, the head chef. Not only does he know how to cook, he knows how to deliver a juicy piece of mouthwatering meat that will tease the senses and satisfy any appetite. Meat preparation is an art, and this head chef has it down to a science.
The cooking process here is completely transparent, with all steaks made on a hot grill right in front of the customer. Whether you’re a meat or fish lover, there’s something here for you, all seasoned in the Argentinian method. Your meal will be accompanied by a careful wine selection with vintages chosen from all over the world.
Booking events at Argentiina is easy, and the establishment features an upstairs dining room capable of easting up to 55 people. Meetings, birthdays, and other events can unfold against the backdrop of a private dining room, and complimented with the best food the area has to offer.


Bordoo isn’t your average restaurant; the first thing you’ll notice if you stop in on Friday or Saturday evening is the live piano which is a great companion the outstanding meals that the venue has to offer. On top of the incredible music, Bordoo offers a range of cuisines and dishes inspired by the exploration of various regions and their gastronomical traditions. Not only do the experienced chefs know what they’re doing as far as food preparation is concerned, they know the value of high quality, raw ingredients.
Along with already offering the best dishes found in the region, Bordoo is always looking for new inspiration to bring to the menu, ensuring a constantly changing selection for both tourists and locals.
The Bordoo consists of different spaces in addition to the main dining room. The first is the Angel room which features an 18th century hand-painted ceiling accompanied by a courtyard view. It’s perfect for celebrations, but if you’re looking to host something slightly larger, the library is capable of hosting up to 45 people. Finally, there is the piano suite which is great for romantic encounters.

For a memorable experience in Estonian dining, you really cannot do much better than the Bordoo.


Oliver is a beautiful restaurant that sits right in the heart of Tallinn and near Town Hall Square. Inside you’ll find a steak restaurant that offers culinary delights from across the globe, all presented in a highly flexible menu. As a customer, you have the opportunity to define your meal and choose the menu items that you want. While steaks, sauces, and side dishes are a dominant part of the menu, you’ll also find vegetarian options, pasta, soups, salads, and a selection of appetizers.
If you’re traveling with your kids, Oliver offers something especially unique: they’re the only al la carte restaurant in Old Town that features a kid’s corner, complete with color books, TV, puzzles, and toys. Your vacation isn’t complete until you eat at Oliver!

Olde Hansa

Olde Hansa sets itself apart from most other restaurants in the area, being the home of a rich merchant, featuring delicious food, good drink, and amazing music. The atmosphere is designed to replicate Hanseatic times, and overall, it’s a very memorable experience. In the evenings, the venue features medieval music, played by skilled musicians who wander around the house. It’s a completely different experience and one that you’re going to thoroughly enjoy. If you’re just visiting the area, you absolutely want to make this one of your stops.

MEAT Resto & Butchery

With 70 seats, and located right on the first floor of the Tiskre Business Centre, this restaurant offers some of the best meat in the city along with incredible meals that will satiate the appetite of any traveler. The restaurant itself really brings it’s a game with a summer terrace, and a great environment in which to enjoy your dinner. The meat selection comes from countries like Brazil, Australia, and even Uruguay, making of the perfect fusion of both imports and domestics. With the best cuts and the best meals, there’s no reason to pass this one up.


Peppersack is a historical house right in the center of Old Town and features several floors dedicated to different types of events or needs. There is plenty of space for romance, large groups, and much more. Most important, however, is the morning coffee, which is something that anyone can identify with.
The Kolme Konna grill sits in the basement of Peppersack and features an open kitchen where dishes are prepared right in front of the guests. Enjoy this, enjoy the house beer, and enjoy your time in Estonia.


Lucca restaurant can be found in Tiskre, right by Lucca Summer Mansion and Park. The location has a long history of serving guests, going on ten years now, and the interior comes off as a family restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. The dishes on hand are genuinely Italian, featuring fresh seafood, hand-made pastas, pizza, and much more. In true Italian style, the wine pairings are second to none here, with some of the best local selections being offered to guests. To make it even better, Lucca is the recipient of the Silver Spook gastronomy award, having won the category of best family restaurant twice. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, this is a great place for you to stop.


The restaurant Dominic sits proudly inside one of the three oldest residential houses in Old Town, with its first records dating back to the 14th century. While much of the house has been restored, many of the historical details have been preserved, giving you not only a great meal, but a complete experience as you observe life as it was in the 14th century. Some of the preserved details include a 250-year-old fresco and the 500-year-old double doors with their own carvings.
The house is not only home to some of the best cuisine Estonia has to offer, but also an extensive wine list that makes pairing a breeze. For those looking to host events, there is a private room that can hold up to 12 people, whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate meeting, or even a small wedding reception.


A family owned establishment, the Linnukula Restaurant is an outstanding environment for social gatherings or a night out. It sits in a quaint home, with delicious food and is easily accessible for visitors. The house is not entirely complete, but that doesn’t stop it from feeling like a welcoming home, and one that you can feel perfectly secure. Come alone, or bring your family, giving your children a chance to play in the garden. It’s a restaurant that has the feeling of home, set against the countryside of Estonia; you couldn’t ask for a better experience for both atmosphere, and food. For more information, check out the menu online and plan your next outing whether you’re a local or planning a vacation in Estonia.
The best restaurants in Estonia aren’t the mainstream chain stores; what you’re looking for are the out of the way, unique, one shot establishments that offer the best local food, the best atmosphere, and overall, the best service.

Meta Description: A winter visit to Estonia is going to involve not only the best sightseeing opportunities, but also the best food in the region. Take a look at these eleven options and get started!


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