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Tallinn Restaurants to visit in Old Town


The culture of Estonia and Tallinn itself is a sight to behold, no doubt, but perhaps the one thing even more amazing than the sights are the plethora of amazing restaurants that capture that culture with pinpoint accuracy. We can’t name every single restaurant in the area, but we can point out a few of the best, and they all allow for online reservations.  


Cru is headed by Dmitri Haljukov, who represented Estonia in the 2015 Olympics. He may not have won the entire thing, but 14th place is nothing to turn your nose up at with such fierce and diverse competition. The restaurant offers an outstanding modern atmosphere and fine dining that is difficult to match. Some of the best menu items that Cru has to offer include Islandic Squid and Shrimp, Greenland Halibut, and a selection of Champagne which includes Ernest Rapenau Brut.


Farm locks in the bourgeois period quite nicely and provides a taste of Estonia in the form of modern culinary delights. We have to be honest, if you’re looking to get as close to the Estonian culture as possible, then you’re probably going to want to stop by this amazing restaurant, situated right in the heart of Tallinn. Some of the culinary perfection you might experience here includes the fried fish of the day along with grilled red deer striploin. You can also satisfy your need for poultry by trying the cooked duck fillet served with smoky rice, warm fruit salad, and of course wildberry wine sauce. To put it quite simply, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy and the restaurant itself is steeped in the medieval culture that you came to see. If you’re ever in Tallinn, this is one place you must visit. No exceptions.

Goodwin Steak House

If you’re visiting from America there is a good chance that this one won’t particularly interest you as it’s a classic American steakhouse, though if you’re homesick it will probably meet your needs nicely. This isn’t just a cheap knockoff – it’s a genuine American steakhouse and the first of its kind in the area. The top chefs at this culinary powerhouse have spent years in the US and Australia studying production, cooking culture, and preparation methods to bring you the perfect steam. That being the case, it should be no surprise that they are one of the only authentic American Steakhouses in the area. The first restaurant was opened in Tallinn in March of 2009, and the menu is a testament to their skill. Some of the samplings from the menu include the Rib-Eye Steak which comes in two different sizes, 250g and 350g. They strongly recommend it to be cooked medium, but if you’re more for rare, then no one can fault you. Other options include the New York Steak, and of course the coveted Filet mignon. If you’re looking for something a little more aquatic, don’t forget to try the Salmon steak, or the tiger-prawns served with tomato, garlic, and herbs. If you want to take it a step further, Whitefish or Seabass grilled in a charcoal furnace will definitely give you that hint of western excellence. Goodwin Steak House might just be the closest you come to actually being in America while you’re visiting the country of Estonia. 


The medieval setting and theme is nice for Estonia but sometimes you really want a taste of the modern, which is exactly what Kaerajaan stands for. You’re going to find a wide array of flavors on the menu including cold smoked elk carpaccio, the classic Caesar salad with smoked chicken, and duck breast, for those who are in the mood for poultry. If you want, you can try the Baltic fried herring in a homemade marinade, cottage cheese, and a mushroom salad. 


We go from the modern implements of the previous restaurant all the way back the medieval with Maikrahv and we don’t regret it – neither should you. This is a romantic restaurant with that medieval ambiance that you and many other tourists crave when they visit Estonia. The food is delicious, the service is outstanding, and it’s sitting right in the midst of the old town, Town Shall Square. Good food and great drinks are just the surface, and you can expect to find those in ample supply as you browse the menu. Some of the samplings include stuffed eggplant with mozzarella, traditional Estonian sausages with mashed potatoes, and marinated chicken breast with vegetables and chicken liver pate.  


Ribe is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. This is an amazing two-floored restaurant that has been serving gourmet meals to Tallinn’s visitors since its inception in the year 2007. If you have any doubts as to its excellence, look to the fact that it ranks in the top ten of Estonia’s restaurants every single year. In fact, Ribe was in included in the 2015 edition of the Scandinavian restaurant guide, ‘White Guide’. As for the restaurant itself, it brings to the table a great many dishes, and if you’re curious, it tends to be Nordic styled. These incredible dishes are hand crafted from local produce and prepared with some of the best techniques Estonia has to offer. Along with the food, which we’ll get to in a moment, you have the plethora of wines and craft beers encompassing brands that should meet the tastes of nearly anyone that chooses to take a table. Some of the offerings include: Marinated Baltic herring with apple and cucumber, Poached cod with Jerusalem artichoke, and Quail with roasted cauliflower and potato puree. There are quite a few others, and quite frankly, if you’re visiting Estonia, this is one that you don’t want to pass up.

Meta Description: If you’re visiting Estonia, don’t forget to check out these amazing local restaurants, all of which have something incredibly unique to offer visitors to the area.  

Tallinn Restaurants to Visit with Children

Visiting any location with children can present some difficulties as there are many facilities that simply aren’t designed for full families and the problem intensifies when traveling abroad. Sure, you can enter any restaurant with your children but is it really designed to accommodate them? Before you visit any Tallinn restaurants with your family, read through our list of family friendly restaurants to make your visit both enjoyable and memorable.

Restaurant "Korsten, Armastus & Hea Toit"

The delicacies that come from the kitchen at Korsten simply cannot be argued with; the menu allows guests to choose from a plethora of Italian dishes and even daily specials to please their palette. If you’re looking for something different to break up the everyday culinary monotony you’ve been experiencing, then stop in, bring your children, and enjoy the amazing indoor 50-seat atmosphere. If the indoors is too much for you however, try having a seat on the sunny terrace or in the Kultuurikatel private courtyard. Sip a cocktail, enjoy a meal, and enjoy your stay in Tallinn.

Children’s Accommodations
Older children will be able to enjoy a full featured menu just for them and younger children will be able to take advantage of a high chair, separating them from the adult table. In addition, while you’re waiting for lunch or dinner to arrive, they can draw with house provided art supplies. Once the meal is over, your children can retire to a well-designed play area, filled with toys.

Restaurant "Platz"

Platz is situated in Rotermann Centre, right in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for a quick lunch with your children, then this is as good of place as any no matter what you’re looking for. It could be a quick lunch or it might be a full multi-course dinner. Platz is no stranger to either of these rituals and the menu features a wide selection of wines to wash down every bite. You can choose dishes from the a la carte menu if you wish, and it features accommodation for every diet, including gluten free.
The Platz lunch menu changes each day, so you’ll never have the same experience no matter how many times you visit; make sure you check out the Platz website for changes!

Children’s Accommodations
Like other great restaurants and cafes in Estonia, you’ll find plenty of accommodations for the little ones which include a children’s high chair for those who can’t utilize a standard chair. Older children can spend their time in an outstanding play area where they can enjoy themselves. There’s definitely a lot to like here for both you and your children!

Restaurant "Senso"

Are you looking for a restaurant with a Mediterranean feel and an intimate atmosphere? Congratulations; you’ve found it! The only thing that is more surprising than the incredible atmosphere are the menu prices. Senso is located within the Radisson Blue Hotel, a structure built for the 1980 Olympics and has undergone a complete renovation.

Children’s Accommodations

Children are certain to be kept busy here as the restaurant features a full children’s menu with tasty delights along with a high chair for the little ones. There are also coloring books for the wait time (the wait times can seem like an eternity for children!). If sitting at the table isn’t adequate, there’s a play room available complete with a toy cupboard to entice the imagination.

Cafe "Cafe Mademoiselle"

Finding a quick dessert in Tallinn isn’t a difficult affair; Café Mademoiselle offers the most amazing pastries and cakes in the city, baked to perfection. The pies and pastries absolutely melt in your mouth, and coffee lovers will definitely find a home here as well. Though an actual visit to the café is going to be preferred, you can actually place an online order and have all of the culinary delights from the menu delivered to your door by a courier during specified times; it’s deliciousness that comes right to your door.

Children’s Accommodations

The Café Mademoiselle offers ample accommodations for children of all ages. Whether they’re staying by your side at all times or if you trust them enough to their wander around a bit and explore what the restaurant has to offer them. The play corner will keep your older children occupied after their meal while high chairs and a children’s menu will help to keep things under control at the table. Other accommodations include the ability to host birthday parties, free coloring books, drawing paper, and a child friendly attitude that you will appreciate.

Cafe "Carmen Cafe Kentmanni"

For nearly twenty years, Carmen Café has served as a culinary staple in Tallinn, serving the best coffee, the most amazing foods, and providing meals for all times of the day. Their specialty? Breakfast, lunch, and pretty much anything in between. The food and quality cannot be argued with as it provides high quality coffee and mouthwatering desserts for those who want to take a break from their vacation in Tallinn. This is the perfect place to spend your lunch and the perfect place to make a memory.

Children’s Accommodations

The café has plenty of accommodations for children including high chairs, a full featured children’s menu, coloring books, board games, and hosts and hostesses with child friendly attitudes that you have come to expect from a professional establishment like this.
Traveling through Estonia and Tallinn with your children can present many challenges, but finding a place to eat doesn’t have to be one of them! There are plenty of great child friendly locations with tons of activities to keep them busy while they’re not enjoying the local cuisine.
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